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Monitoring and evaluation practices are essential for organizations providing services in development and relief. These skills aid continual learning programs and effective company policy construction. Programs in company development can also be improved by M&E strategies.

This course offers ‘research-based’ learning and addresses the needs of development workers and employers, allowing for improvement in personal and company performance.


This Course will provide you with:

  • Contextual examples of PM&E implementation
  • The use of technology in M&E ( e.g. AI and GIS use in M&E)
  • M&E planning skills that are engaging
  • Skills to facilitate PM&E suited to your needs
  • The tools to track and assess projects
  • The ability to make informed decisions about your company’s current PM&E processes and implement improved processes in future

Who Should Attend

M&E skills are beneficial to employees and employers from any industry. This includes managers, team leaders, NGO members, consultants, freelancers, business owners and CEOs.


Day One

  • Pre-test – Take it for free  here
  • Introduction to M&E
  • Importance of Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Components of a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework
  • Proper use of M&E in development projects/programs

Day Two

  • Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks
  • Logical Framework
  • Strategic Framework
  • Logical Framework Matrix and its content
  • Project Goal and Objectives

Day Three

  • Indicators, Source/Means of Verification
  • Assumptions
  • Practical Work on Project Scenarios
  • Using LFA for project M&E

Day Four

  • Monitoring and Evaluation Plans
  • Developing M&E Plans
  • The use of artificial (AI) in M&E planning
  • Mainstreaming M&E Plans with Project Plans
  • Implementing M&E Plans
  • Monitoring M&E Plans

Day Five

  • Data Management
  • Data Collection
  • Advanced technology usage in M&E
  • Introduction to GIS and its usage in M&E
  • Data Analysis
  • Communicating Results
  • Utilization of Results in Project Planning
  • The proper use of LFA in participatory monitoring and evaluation
  • Take the post-test here – only for course participants


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