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The reality is that the more competent an organization is, the more opportunities for success will be presented to that organization. For managing multiple projects, the Project Manager needs to use contemporary techniques to coordinate and inspire teams, manage resources, ensure the quality of workmanship and make sure deadlines are met.

Project Management is about using effective tools and techniques to deliver high-quality products and services on time. This Course will give you these tools and techniques, including skills to control and monitor multiple projects as they progress, making sure that each project is a success.


This Course will provide you with:

  • The difference between single and multiple project management
  • An understanding of the fundamental principles of Modern PM
  • The skills to plan, carry out and monitor multiple projects
  • The skills to manage budgets and finances across multiple projects
  • The application of time and quality management across multiple projects
  • An understanding of HRM when handling multiple projects

Who Should Attend

Project Management is vital to many fields of business today. Project Managers, officers, leaders and interested individuals will find this course valuable, as they will increase their understanding of management principles across multiple projects and will be better equipped for their next projects.


Day One

  • Pre-test – Take it for free here
  • Introduction to project management
  • How project management is different between single project and multiple projects
  • Delegation of responsibility
  • Planning for multiple projects

Day Two

  • Estimating scope and volume of multiple projects
  • Task analysis and human resource planning
  • Quality control and performance management
  • Project vs. Programs
  • Intervention logic in Projects

Day Three

  • Monitoring for various types of projects
  • Monitoring Plans
  • Communication skills for managing multiple projects
  • SMART Objectives

Day Four


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