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IQ has actually been ranked lower than EI when looking at factors affecting an individual’s success in life. EI (Emotional intelligence) is regarded as one of the most impressive skills that successful leaders have. Competency in EI will allow individuals to excel in their personal and work environments.

This Course provides the skills to master EI and will teach you how to maximize the benefits of your unique skill set in the workplace for enhanced performance as a leader.


This Course will provide you with:

  • An understanding of emotions and Emotional Intelligence
  • The skills to enhance the management of your emotions
  • The ability to use EI proficiently to maximize personal and work prosperity
  • The tools to create a positive and motivated environment within your team

Who Should Attend

Improvements in Emotional Intelligence is beneficial for all individuals and this program does not require any specific management role or level of expertise. Managers who would like to enhance their leadership style and self-improvement abilities should consider this practical ‘research-based’ Course. EI skills are beneficial to all wishing to enhance their performance capabilities in the personal and professional realm.


Day One

  • Relation of emotional intelligence (EI) with leadership performance
  • The physiology of emotions and EI
  • Behaviors and challenges of EI to workplace performance
  • How workplace relationship can improve by EI competence

Day Two

  • Different models of EI domains and their specifications
  • Recommended model of EI domains
  • Leadership behaviors associated with each domain
  • Describe your EI strengths and challenges

Day Three

  • Profile yourself and identify your EI
  • How to enhance your EI leadership skills
  • Observe your reactions and practice self-assessment
  • Develop greater self-awareness

Day Four

  • EI competencies
  • Self awareness and self management
  • Social awareness and relationship management
  • Assess your use of each of the leadership styles
  • Select one activity or action that will enhance leadership effectiveness

Day Five

  • Impact of emotional intelligence on work relationships
  • Leadership functions and how EI can help
  • Enhance EI in your team through training and coaching
  • Persuasion skills
  • Resistance and strategies to deal with resistance


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