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Theories about today’s management style include the belief that there is a definite gap between employee achievement and the vision of the company. It is believed that many managers don’t create the right atmosphere for development, are not aware of their responsibility to motivate and seldom offer employees the right job description when delegating work. Misguided techniques of discipline can bear little to no impact on employee performance, including reprimands, salary cutbacks and even dismissals.

This extensive Course offers the skills needed by managers to effectively manage teams and conduct motivational programs, to make sure that the results of their projects are maximized for their company’s success.


This Course will provide you with:

  • Personal, as well as, leadership assessment tools to identify your leadership style
  • Problem-solving skills for managing teams
  • The skills to adjust your communication style according to the type of crowd you are addressing
  • A definition of contemporary leadership and why these skills are vital for managers today
  • The ability to define work motives from a managerial viewpoint
  • An understanding of behavioral factors when interacting with team members and colleagues
  • The ability to describe and implement vision building, team building and high work ethics
  • The manager’s role in motivation for performance


Who Should Attend

SME owners and employees, as well as, leaders from different fields are invited to join this workshop. Anyone who works in managerial positions or organizes and controls the functioning of a team will gain valuable knowledge on effective management techniques.


Day One

  • The human factor in management
  • Why leadership is an emerging role of all managers
  • Defining motivation
  • Value, attitude, and behavior
  • Your personal leadership style
  • The theory of Needs from Abraham Maslow.
  • Empathy and considering others needs

Day Two

  • The theory X and theory Y from Douglas McGregor.
  • Trust and Control
  • Setting clear expectations
  • Team problem solving
  • The two Factors theory from Fredrick Herzberg.
  • The importance of positive thinking

Day Three

  • The theory of Expectancy.
  • Handling cultural and behavioral diversitiesCommunicating with different types of audiences
  • Hackman‟s and Oldham‟s viewpoints
  • Leadership development in organizational concept
  • Job enrichment
  • Job rotation and enlargement

Day Four

  • Profiling your team and common character types
  • Manager‟s role
  • Things to do to motivate staff
  • Managing different people
  • Difficult circumstances
  • Sandwich Type Feedback


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