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Project Management in the virtual and technology era gets a new trait. The PMI has published an article originally in 1997 about virtual project management. It must be a must to have skill to lead and manage virtual projects. Virtual Projects are about using effective techniques for dynamic human behavior management to make sure high-quality products and services are delivered on time. The role of a Project Manager is to coordinate and inspire teams, manage resources, ensure the quality of workmanship and make sure deadlines are met.

This program is designed to help leaders learn to be more effective in managing virtual project teams. It enhances project leaders’ skills to succeed in managing a virtual project and enable their project team to achieve milestones and produce best output.


This Course will provide you with:

  • An understanding of why virtual project managers need to be effective leaders
  • Principles of innovation and improvement in virtual projects
  • A managerial perspective of work motives in a virtual project team
  • An understanding of behavioral factors that influence interaction with virtual team members and colleagues
  • The manager’s role in motivation for performance in a virtual team
  • Managing communication in a virtual team
  • Avoiding and resolving conflicts in a virtual team
  • Choosing technology for supporting virtual work
  • Tools to manage change in the virtual work environment
  • The tools needed to monitor the results of change

Who Should Attend

Project Managers and any manager involved in working with a virtual team or managing virtual projects are invited to join this practical ‘research-based’ workshop. Any person who organizes and controls the functioning of a project team will gain valuable knowledge from this event.


Day One

  • Pre-test Click here to try it for free
  • What are virtual teams
  • Virtual vs. Physical Projects
  • The human factor in management of virtual project teams
  • Considering motivation in virtual teams formation
  • Define the needs of virtual project workers


Day Two

  • Virtual leadership challenges
  • Empathy and considering others virtual team members’ needs
  • Trust and control management in virtual teams
  • Communication techniques in a virtual team leadership


Day Three

  • Nature of conflict in virtual teams
  • Conflict resolution/management in a virtually managed team
  • Principles of virtual projects performance management
  • The theory of Expectancy.


Day Four

  • Integrating virtual team with routine team members (managing the mix team)
  • Job enrichment strategies in a virtual team
  • Job rotation and enlargement
  • Manager‟s role to support members of a virtual team


Day Five

  • Applying the GROW Model with a virtual team
  • Managing diversity in a virtual team
  • Difficult circumstances and team crisis management
  • Promoting organizational culture with a virtual team


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