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Change is a constant in our technologically developing world. It is the role of any great leader to facilitate change in the workplace for the organization to, not only survive but, succeed in the modern business arena. As change takes a person out of their zone of comfort, managers will be met with ongoing resistance from colleagues and employees.

This Course will offer leaders the skills needed to handle change and effectively add valuable measures for success via ‘research-based’ methods.


This Course will provide you with:

  • The notion that change is inevitable
  • An understanding of the role change has in a company’s success
  • Principles of Innovation and Improvement
  • Positive change planning tools
  • Potential and known obstacles when facing change
  • The skills to handle stress related to change
  • The tools needed to monitor the results of change

Who Should Attend

Any individual wishing to improve their understanding of and ability to cope with change will greatly benefit from taking this Course. Managers, team leaders, NGO directors, and CEOs alike will profit from completing this comprehensive training. Business owners, consultants, and even freelancers are invited to gain from this ‘research-based’ program.


Day One

  • Fundamentals of change management
  • Change leadership requirements
  • Levels of change
  • Change myths
  • Managing resilience
  • Change process
  • Aspects of change
  • Team motivation for change

Day Two

  • Preventing failure
  • Monitor the progress
  • Obstacles to change
  • Preparing for a crisis
  • Developing commitment
  • Communicating during a change project
  • Feedback and active listening
  • Adapting to change

Day Three

  • Truths and misconceptions
  • Understanding the transition process
  • Coping with uncertainty
  • Understanding needs
  • Managing uncertainty
  • Moving forward
  • Communication guidelines


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