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One of the fundamentals of successful management is the ability to ‘control’. Even with the evolution of contemporary leadership skills, managers still need to recognize and practice the fundamentals of managerial duties. Empowering and motivating teams for positive change and success are functions that the contemporary manager has to practice daily through effective leadership.

This Course addresses the needs of leaders to manage teams adequately and productively. Fundamental skills, such as control and monitoring techniques, are taught in this comprehensive ‘research-based’ program.


This Course will provide you with:

  • The notion that control is the central duty of management
  • An understanding of the different categories of controlling
  • The ability to control as a tool to educate and mentor
  • The skills to set up performance and technical-related guidelines
  • Skills needed to carry out control mechanisms that are practical and relevant
  • The ability to offer supportive feedback
  • Principles of continuous learning and tools for improvement in quality and performance

Who Should Attend

Leaders from all business spheres are welcome to attend this extensive training Course. Any level of management, supervisors, officers and consultants alike will gain skills to effectively and efficiently manage teams of people with the desired outcomes.


Day One

  • Introduction to control function of management
  • What is controlling and why we have to do it
  • Constructive or destructive control
  • Why control is avoided as a modern leadership term

Day Two

  • Levels of control
  • Difference between supervision, monitoring and evaluation
  • Human motivation and autonomy
  • Vision building and clear direction

Day Three

  • Tools for controlling teams and projects
  • Communication skills for leaders
  • Sandwich Type Feedback
  • Working with difficult people

Day Four

  • The level of autonomy for supervises
  • The art of delegation
  • Relating performance to goals
  • Employees as a Business Partner


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