India is an international example of a country successfully implementing measures to combat public health problems, including TB. India’s medical staff has worked laboriously and skillfully to make sure that their TB program includes adequate research and policy formation on the spread and treatment of TB, as well as, impressive patient care procedures. This program has also successfully been aimed at gaining extensive funding at a domestic and international level from both the government and multilateral benefactors.

Accord Worldwide Inc. India welcomes you to join the Intentional Workshop on TB Surveillance, Control and Management.  This Course will aid participants to develop tailored health care programs that are led by the national government and aided by associates.


This Course will provide you with:

  • Standard policies for TB program backing
  • The skills to set up solid patient education principles
  • The ability to review current TB control mechanisms in terms of policies, strategies, and processes
  • An opportunity and the skills needed to share wisdom and success stories with members from other countries and organizations via peer-to-peer learning

Who Should Attend

Members of the Public Health profession, as well as, TB Control program professionals, officers and humanitarians are the target trainees for this extensive ‘research-based’ Course. Any person is welcome to profit from the teachings included in this program to gain further knowledge and experience on this topic.

Candidates are required:

  • To be able to operate confidently in both written and spoken English language.
  • To have completed, at the minimum, a bachelors degree in any related discipline.
  • Prior work experience is preferred, though not essential.


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