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Public-private partnership is a growing reality to ensure quality health services are accessible to all. Various successful models have been tested. Considering the different interests from public and private sectors and the governments’ responsibility to ensure the quality of health services to the population, public-private partnerships for health is a complex topic.

This training is designed by experts who have been actively designing various public-private partnership programs. It is considering all aspects of a successful PPP and allows participants to consider their local dynamics whether from a public or private sector perspective.


This course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to:

  • Understand how PPPs outcome helps improve the quality of patient care in terms of both the process and outcome of care.
  • Ethical considerations in partnership in medical practice.
  • Explore theories, concepts, and reasoning that support or challenge the existing partnership of public and private.
  • Understand best practices that can be opted for a successful partnership.
  • Ensure accountability in the PPP for healthcare.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for contractors or health care professionals, hospital chaplains, and social workers who participate in medical consultations and policy-forming teams. Those serving on their institution’s policy-making committee who are interested in understanding public and private partnerships can attend this course. Government employees from health administration departments can benefit from this training to shape the PPPs for their area.


Day One


  • Introduction to public-private Partnership
  • Why the Public-Private Partnership?
  • Intervention models in healthcare
  • Problems with public healthcare services

Day Two

  • Public Intervention in the healthcare model
  • Understand healthcare policies
  • Understand best practices
  • Healthcare costing practices
  • Calculating the Return on Investment (RoI) in PPP

Day Three

  • Benefits of Public-Private Partnership
  • PPP Process
  • Understand the Terms and Conditions
  • Describe Obligations
  • Ensuring ethics in PPP

Day Four

  • Principals of Partnership
  • Health Objective commitment
  • Benefits to Stakeholders
  • Public Private Partnership Models for Healthcare

Day Five

  • Developing a business plan for PPP in healthcare
  • Monitoring and evaluation of PPP interventions
  • Dispute resolution in PPP contracts
  • Customer protection in PPP for health





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