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Effective communication is essential to any work environment. Managers need to communicate effectively to coordinate their teams successfully. Many factors affect the way a message is received and understood; the way a person communicates, the medium of communication, as well as, the personal ‘filters’ people use to interpret the message. Without proper communication, the message can be lost or misunderstood.

Whether addressing small or large groups, this ‘research-based’ Course on ‘Persuasive Communication’ offers leaders, executives and senior managers the tools to communicate in an effective and efficient way, producing the desired result.

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Know Your Communication Strength and Weaknesses




This Course will provide you with:

  • The challenges of communication in business
  • Effective communication goals
  • The skills to build stronger relationships through powerful communication techniques
  • An understanding of how one message can affect people differently
  • The skills to plan properly in advance
  • The ability to take minutes and keep and analyze records
  • The proper management of audio and visual aids
  • Tools to evaluate events

Who Should Attend

Suited to anyone looking to improve their persuasive communication skills for personal or business growth. This Course is ideal for CEOs, executives, employees, consultants, freelancers and individuals alike.


Day One

  • Set clear communication objectives
  • Communication challenges in business
  • Establish clear understanding of roles
  • Communicating with your body
  • Cultural diversities on body language
  • The Perception Divide – why it makes positive outcomes difficult for you
  • The Communication Process

Day Two

  • Choice and Control
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Developing Trust
  • Gaining Rapport
  • Outcome Thinking
  • Listening for understanding
  • Questioning for Specifics
  • Influencing Framework

Day Three

  • Influencing Strategy
  • Challenging Situations Understanding and Managing Conflict
  • Communicating Exercise-Real Plays
  • Facilitating Team Communications
  • The “YOU” approach in practice
  • Delivering attractive speech

Day Four

  • What happens next?’ – compelling others to listen
  • How to use videos as part of your presentation
  • What gesture is appropriate
  • Controlling emotional responses
  • Working with Others Confidently

Day Five

  • Barriers to communication
  • Delivering a “BAD NEWS”
  • Sandwich Type Feedback
  • Sandwich Type Feedback
  • Final Test and Wrap Up

2 reviews for Effective Communication and Influencing Others

  1. James Adedokun

    The course has been great. The delivery is fantastic. I gained more on how to influence others through various approaches and skills.

    On top of this, I appreciate the management for the tablet as a bift.

    The experience garnered would be put into practice when I get back to my job.

  2. Sophia Desuza

    I am highly impressed by the instructor’s supportive approach. It is a highly recommended program.

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