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Effective communication is essential to any work atmosphere. Many factors affect the way a message is received; the way a person communicates, the medium of communication, as well as, the receiver’s ‘filters’ used to interpret the message. Without proper communication, the message can be lost or misconceived.

This ‘research-based’ Course provides proven approaches to communicate effectively with a variety of people by understanding their respective communication styles. Also addressed in this program is the variety of interpersonal and interpersonal communication difficulties we face in our own communication profiles.


This Course will provide you with:

  • Challenging instances of business communication
  • An understanding of your personal style of communication, including strengths and weaknesses
  • The keys to handle stress and communicate appropriately in critical situations
  • The correct approach of declining proposals – How to say ‘No’ without offending other parties
  • An understanding of how one message can affect people differently
  • The skills to deal with challenging people
  • Practical examples of why listening is a means to understand, not just respond

Who Should Attend

Successful leaders usually have great communication skills. Leaders and aspiring leaders alike will profit from attending this comprehensive Course. These include project managers, team leaders, business owners and CEOs. Even freelancers and consultants stand to profit from learning and practicing the communication skills imparted in this extensive program.


Day One

  • Pre-test Interpersonal Communication
  • Communication challenges in business
  • Your personal ‘blue print’ for change
  • Interpersonal strengths and weaknesses
  • Different behavior styles
  • Why communication is so important
  • How your interpersonal skills affect others
  • Establishing rapport
  • Verbal vs. nonverbal communication

Day Two

  • Clear messages and their benefits
  • Creating a connection when you aren’t face-to-face
  • Why active listening skills are crucial
  • Understanding the fundamentals of active listening
  • Handling non-stop talking of your counterpart
  • Communicating across generations
  • Managing cultural diversity in communication

Day Three

  • Communication as a tool for problem solving
  • keeping your emotions in check
  • Mental stimulus to create engagement
  • Influencing with behaviors and attitudes
  • Eliminate communication barriers
  • Working with Others Confidently
  • Sandwich Type Feedback


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