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It is expected that leaders in senior roles are able to communicate effectively and impressively. This communication includes many aspects, including body language and professional writing abilities. Every way in which you represent yourself, including your attire, verbal and non-verbal behavior, sends forth a message and will either create a positive or negative impression. This impression is inevitable, whether made consciously or subconsciously, and it is to the individual’s advantage to have the skills to make the best impression.

This Course will aid executives and senior managers to excel in communication in the business arena. Practical strategies and skills taught in this program are ‘research-based’ and suited to any person wanting to increase their communication skills, especially for career advancement.


This Course will provide you with:

  • The challenges of communication in business
  • The skills to improve your body language techniques
  • Tools to communicate in stressful environments and how to manage that stress.
  • The proper approach to saying ‘No’
  • The notion that one message can be interpreted differently by people, as well as, flexible strategies for handling each audience you may have
  • Contemporary writing techniques
  • A practical way to handle the ‘You’ approach
  • The ability to listen with the intent of understanding, and not only responding

Who Should Attend

Leaders from all business fields are welcome to attend this comprehensive training Course. Any level of management, CEOs, business owners, consultants and freelancers alike will gain skills to communicate effectively and efficiently in any situation.


Day One

  • Communication challenges in business
  • Communicating with your body
  • Move as you talk – mastering body language control
  • Cultural diversities on body language
  • The Perception Divide – why it makes positive outcomes difficult for you
  • Review of common writing principles
  • Grammatical errors that we always make

Day Two

  • Formal writing ethics The 7 C’s in writing
  • Types of writing and tone in writing
  • The “YOU” approach in practice
  • Delivering a “BAD NEWS”
  • The writing skills of a CEO
  • Delivering attractive speech
  • ‘What happens next?’ – compelling others to listen

Day Three

  • Presentation skills for CEOs
  • How to use videos as part of your presentation
  • The proper use of graphics
  • How do you want others to see you?
  • What gesture is appropriate
  • Controlling emotional responses
  • Move the communication to where you want it to go

Day Four

  • Working with Others Confidently
  • Sandwich Type Feedback
  • Dealing constructively with difficult people
  • Your personal ‘blue print’ for change
  • Mental stimulus to create engagement


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