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Problems, in the workplace and in people’s personal lives, are often handled with indifference or passivity. It is assumed that people lack preventative skills and end up dealing with the consequences and not the root of the problem. They tend to solve problems by using provisional hypotheses and experience rather than acquiring the skills or using proven methods to handle them adequately. Other factors may include that they cannot define the problem, define the causes thereof or cannot find the best solutions. These factors often lead to failure in handling problems effectively.

This Course has been designed to show that there are specific tools and methodologies for solving problems, as well as, to show that problem-solving skills do not necessarily depend on the previous experience of a similar problem. Skills taught in this program will help leaders solve problems for long-lasting solutions, not just immediate fixes.


This Course will provide you with:

  • The ability to define ‘a problem’
  • Root cause analysis using comprehension skills
  • The skills to use cause and effect principles practically
  • The ability to find and rank alternative solutions
  • The ability to pick the best solution for each specific problem
  • Adequate communication skills for solving problems
  • An understanding of how to carry out practical action plans for solutions
  • Monitoring skills for solution implementation
  • Consensus principles in solving problem

Who Should Attend

This practical Course on ‘Problem Solving’ was created for managers and leaders who deal with problems daily in their work life. Anyone that needs to forecast and plan the daily operations of a team is welcome to gain valuable knowledge from this comprehensive program.


Day One

  • What is a problem?
  • Recognizing a problem
  • Defining the ownership of the problem
  • Stating the problem.
  • Finding possible causes.
  • Techniques for finding root causes
  • The cause and effect identification techniques

Day Two

  • Cluster approach to root causes of problems
  • Involving stakeholders
  • Stakeholder management in problem solving
  • Techniques to avoid frustrations in problem solving
  • Brainstorming technique
  • Choosing a solution
  • Tools to evaluate alternative solutions

Day Three

  • Implementing and evaluating a solution
  • Monitoring the change management progress.
  • Mind shift to objective assessment of corporate problems
  • Expert approach – be a learner not the victim
  • Risk assessments and avoiding corporate problems
  • The role of team building to avoid problems
  • Problem Solving Post-Test

Fee Information

Course Fees vary based on location, topic and dates of the course. Please contact us to get details. Standard course fee includes:

  • tuition costs
  • certificate
  • study materials
  • meals (Lunch and refreshments)
  • a social program (only if more than five participants attend)

  • Course Fee does not cover
  • Visa
  • travel costs
  • any insurance
  • accommodation
  • personal expenses and other meals

  • Discounts may apply for groups, In-house training or destinations other than specified in the program. Please contact us with your requirements and we will provide you with a quotation.

    Important Notes

    General Notes:

  • As an open course, this program is offered in specific destinations. However, for groups and as an in-house training, it can be offered in many parts of the world. Please contact us for more details
  • This program can be integrated with any other program in the same category and the client will get a considerable discount.
  • Accordemy courses can be offered in other languages than English too. Please contact us for your needs.

  • What Participants Receive?
  • Certificate of course completion issued by Accord Worldwide, Inc. The USA.
  • Lifetime free access to online version of the course material.
  • Lifetime free membership in related online discussion groups.
  • Discounted fee for future courses.

  • Travel Management

    If you require support in managing your trip to the course destination, we can provide you with information or arrangement. Travel management will be done by third party service providers and any discount will not apply on travel expenses.


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