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Project Management is about using effective techniques for dynamic human behavior management to make sure high-quality products and services are delivered on time. The role of a Project Manager is to coordinate and inspire teams, manage resources, ensure the quality of workmanship and make sure deadlines are met.

This extensive Course will offer leaders with these tools and techniques, including skills to control and monitor teams and projects, making sure that all projects are a success.


This Course will provide you with:

  • An understanding of why managers need to be effective leaders
  • Principles of Innovation and Improvement
  • Positive change planning tools
  • Tools to manage change in the work environment
  • The skills to handle stress related to change
  • The tools needed to monitor the results of change

Who Should Attend

Project Management is a vital process across many industries today. Project Managers, officers and leaders will find this course valuable, as they will increase their understanding of management principles and will be better equipped for their next projects.


Day One

  • Fundamentals of human behavior management
  • Change leadership requirements
  • Influencing people
  • Motivation and leadership
  • A leadership mind shift in the project team
  • Team equality and diversity
  • Monitor the progress

Day Two

  • Developing commitment
  • Relating performance and competency to rewards
  • Talent management
  • Understanding needs
  • Managing uncertainty
  • Training as a leadership tool
  • Maximizing impression of benefits for motivation of project teams

Day Three

  • Active communication for project manager
  • Problem solving and conflict management for project managers
  • Shaping employment laws as leadership tools
  • Setting personal priorities for impact
  • Managing resilience
  • Feedback and active listening


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