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Presentations, if organized and conducted competently, are useful in increasing employee comprehension of business policies and growth, as well as, developing company culture and employee cooperation. It is important that the resources (time and money) used to construct these presentations are adequate to produce the desired outcomes.

Whether presenting to a small or large group, this ‘research-based’ Course offers leaders the necessary tools to communicate and present information in an effective and efficient manner.


This Course will provide you with:

  • Powerful techniques to enhance presentation delivery and performance
  • A mastery of MS PowerPoint for business presentations
  • Slide preparation tips
  • Eloquent word choice tips
  • The keys to use multi-media appropriately in business presentations
  • The skills to carry out interactive and engaging presentations and Q&A sessions
  • Correct body posture techniques for presenting

Who Should Attend

Visual communication is increasingly used in business strategies and marketing. This training Course is beneficial to any person in our modern, digital world looking to improve their presentation skills, including managers, leaders, freelancers and CEOs alike


Day One

  • Why Presentations?
  • Planning for the event
  • Content as per audience interest and event relevance
  • Time management planning
  • Content and Style
  • A Logical Sequence For Your Presentation
  • Proper use of photos and media
  • Venue and support coordination
  • Knowing Your Audience

Day Two

  • Resource Evaluation
  • Delivery of a presentation
  • Build Rapport
  • Participant motivation
  • Handling disturbances
  • Time management during presentation
  • Clarity and referring to slides/material
  • Question Answer techniques

Day Three

  • Handling feedbacks
  • Effective Communication
  • Practical Work
  • Managing powerful Beginning And End
  • Making Visual Aids Work
  • Do’s & ‘Do Not’s For Presentations
  • The Challenging Audience
  • Practical Work