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“Purchasing has, according to the trends, become more strategically important for companies. The importance of suppliers and purchasing/sourcing increased significantly during the 1990s and was acknowledged by executive managers by the end of the decade.” (Trent, et al., 1998).

Sourcing the right suppliers can be a complex process. This Course presents ‘research-based’ logistics and sourcing principles. Leaders will be equipped to identify the best choices for hiring suppliers and service providers in the most practical, cost-effective way.


This Course will provide you with:

  • The tools for strategic procurement planning
  • Bid development processes
  • The ability to understand legal structures
  • The essentials for project cost estimations
  • The different methods for sourcing suppliers or services
  • The tools to analyze and select the best type of sourcing method
  • Proposal, quotation and tender request methods, including e-procurement
  • The knowledge and ability to use a variety of strategic procurement means and methods
  • Risk analysis and submission evaluation techniques
  • The skills to calculate the total cost of procurement
  • Methods of designing contractual terms and conditions

Who Should Attend

This valuable Course will benefit procurement and non-procurement professionals alike. Any person involved in the planning, creation, issue, receipt or evaluation of procurement functions, or who source goods, materials and services will find this program profitable. These include logistics and supply chain managers, procurement committee members and project managers.


Day One

  • Critical Supply Strategies
  • What is Supply Chain and Procurement
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Cost Analysis
  • Supply Market Analysis

Day Two

  • E-Sourcing
  • Sourcing Types
  • Selecting the right sourcing strategy
  • Developing Tender Evaluation Criteria 
• Shrinking the Supply Base

Day Three

  • The Negotiation Process
  • Communication Techniques
  • Price and Cost Differences
  • Negotiating Long Term Benefits

Day Four

  • Advanced Purchased Price Cost Analysis
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Risk Management

2 reviews for Sourcing Strategies

  1. Maria Johnson

    I am delighted to attend this program and highly recommend it to all.

  2. Maria Graciq

    It is a wonderful learning opportunity. Participants received strong support from the instructor.

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