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The main aim of  Health and social care research is to identify the new inventions in the medical field that can contribute to health treatments, policies, or care. Without health and social care research, clinicians (doctors, nurses, dentists, social workers, and other health professionals) would continue to carry out their work monotonously without being aware that the new treatment or approach would be more effective for the person they are supporting or treating. In modern medicine, evidence-based practice is the benchmark of quality of care. This needs healthcare providers and social care providers to be up to date on the trend of treatments.

This course is intended to enable healthcare workers to apply the principles of research in their field and contribute/lead researches in clinical practice.


This course will provide you with:

  • Knowledge of recent inventions that can change the method of treatment in the medical sector.
  • This course is intended to enhance the care and treatment of patients
  • This course will focus on building a healthy community.
  • This course will interrelate the connection between new findings and implementation.
  • Participants will learn to about new inventions that can revolutionize the healthcare industry.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for an audience who is interested in increasing their learning curve about social and health care research. Those serving on their healthcare committee who are interested in performing consults..Those actively performing health care seminars and sessions would like to enhance or refresh their skills.


Day One

  • Introduction
  • Identify the medical care health service
  • Prepare the health plan
  • Familiarize with the recent advancements in the health sector

Day Two

  • Formal observation of schedule
  • Create the checklist used by researchers for understanding
  • Analyze previous case studies
  • Choose the case study topic of choice

Day Three

  • Generate the detail-oriented information on case study
  • Identify the factors affecting case study
  • Outline the problems associated
  • Focus on problem-solving

Day Four

  • Prepare a survey plan
  • Outline the key performance indicators
  • Outline the factors affecting each KPI
  • Resolution to problems outlined

Day Five

  • Practice on live scenario
  • Linkage of KPI and Case study
  • White paper preparation
  • Q and A Session


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