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More than ever before, clinicians face complex ethical issues in their medical practice.  These include disagreements between patients, relatives, and healthcare staff over treatment decisions, issues at the beginning and end of life, medical errors, truth-telling and patient confidentiality.  Recognizing the growing importance of ethical awareness in medicine, the course aims to provide clinicians with added knowledge, skills and confidence to enable ethical decisions in their everyday practice, and to be able to express (both to themselves and others) the reasoning and values influencing their decisions.


This Course will provide you with:

  • An understanding to improve the quality of patient care in terms of both the process and outcome of care.
  • Clearer appreciation of the range of ethical issues in their practice.
  • Explore theories, concepts and reasoning that support or challenge the existing assumption or belief.
  • Have strong basis on the concepts useful for ethical analysis.
  • Responding to an ethical question and steps of consultation process.
  • This course is intended for hospital doctors, surgeons, general practitioner, nurses and member of clinical ethics committee.
  • Clinical ethics is practical discipline that provides a structured approach to assist health professionals in ethical issues.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for Nurse and nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, primary care and specialty physicians, hospital chaplains, and social workers who participate in clinical ethics consultations .Those serving on their institution’s ethics committee who are interested in performing ethics consults..Those actively performing ethics consults who would like to enhance or refresh their skills.


Day One

  • Course Overview
  • Identifying an Ethical Process
  • Identifying Ethical Reasoning Process
  • Understand Ethical Clinical Decision Making model

Day Two

  • Revise Day one Process
  • Discuss Ethical Reasoning Process
  • Relate Ethical Decision making model with Ethical Process
  • Find Answers to Questions

Day Three

  • Understand Contextual Features
  • Discuss Ethics Consultation Process
  • Relate Ethics consultation Process with live scenarios

Day Four

  • Practice Ethical Process
  • Practice Ethical Reasoning Process
  • practice Ethical Decision Making Model
  • Implement all process in clinical scenarios

Day Five

  • Practice Ethical Decision making with consultation
  • Practice Ethical model on another scenario
  • Documentation of learnings from session
  • Questions and Answers Round


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