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Many employers and employees overemphasize flattery and promise impossible results to their customers. This exaggeration may lead to crippling conflicts down the line and is not the best attitude towards CRM.

The recommended approach is balanced and factual and allows for a professional approach to dealing with products and services, including the weaknesses thereof. This ‘research-based’ Course will give you the skills needed to be an expert in CRM.


This Course will provide you with:

  • A refresher of the basic rules of CRM
  • An understanding of why the customer is not the boss
  • Skills to coach and consult with your customers
  • Strategies to design practical CRM approaches
  • Modern CRM tools
  • Skills to network with professionals in your industry

Who Should Attend

Skills in CRM have become vital for all professionals in our modern world. CEOs, business owners (large and small), managers and even freelancers need excellent relationship-building skills to further their careers and support a high level of performance in their industry.


Day One

  • Pre-Test: take it for free, here
  • Need for CRM
  • Evolution of CRM
  • Objectives of an effective CRM Strategy
  • Main Aspects of CRM
  • CRM as a marketing solution

Day Two

  • Big three (CVM, RVM, and CRM)
  • CRM Components
  • CRM important Drivers
  • CRM Solutions Map
  • The CRM Value Pyramid

Day Three

  • Operational CRM
  • CRM as a Sales Solutions
  • CRM for Services
  • Changing Role of CRM

Day Four

  • Obstacles in CRM Success
  • Internet’s Influence on CRM
  • Major CRM tools/softwares
  • Interactive CRM

Day Five