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Proposal writing is beyond your writing skills. It requires a thorough needs assessment and analysis of the cause you want to write for. It entails engaging the right group of stakeholders and obtaining their input in planning. Subsequent planning and a concrete solution that is supported by the agreement of all the key stakeholders furnishes the raw material for your writing. The next level is your skills in writing clearly and concisely – along with the other components of the 7 C’s in writing. An important additional consideration is the administrative requirements of the donor/sponsor. This can include required attachments, formats, printing and packaging instructions etc.

All the above points will be delivered in the five days’ training brought to you by Accordemy®.


This Course will provide you with:

  • A refresher of the basic rules of writing
  • An approach to Modern proposal writing and paragraphing principles
  • The tools needed to practice persuasive writing in business
  • The skills to write coherently and engagingly. Hook your readers to the end
  • The 7 ‘C’s’ in business writing
  • The ‘You’ approach
  • The ability to use proper tone in your writing
  • The best ways to include visual elements in the comprehensive writing

Who Should Attend

Business writing skills have become vital for any levels of management. If you are writing proposals, this program helps you improve your skills. If you are reviewing and approving, this program will help you provide clear instructions and help innovative ideas be clearly brought forward. Hence, the training course is helpful to CEOs, SME owners, managers, and even freelancers need excellent communication skills to further their careers and support a high level of performance.


Day One

  • Pre-test: Click here to take the quiz for free
  • Principles of business writing
  • Difference between proposals and other business communications
  • Grammatical errors that we always make
  • Formal writing ethics
  • The 7 C’s in writing

Day Two

  • Cause and Effect – Detecting the root cause
  • Pre-writing activities for project proposal writing
  • Needs Assessment tools,
  • Desk review
  • Stakeholders analysis
  • The logical framework and project planning
  • Setting Project Goal and Objectives
  • Project Strategy/activities formulation

Day Three

  • Gender, environmental and child rights consideration in project planning
  • Resources estimation and budgeting for development projects
  • Action planning for project proposals
  • Common types of proposals used in business with the UN
  • Solicited and Unsolicited proposals

Day Four

  • Common UN recommended forms and proposal formats
  • Identifying the right team for the project proposed team
  • Components of a proposal
  • How long should your proposal be?
  • Writing strategy
  • What to put first and why?
  • Documents required to support your proposal

Day Five

  • Proofreading, peer review, and revision
  • Ensuring the requirements and administrative regulations
  • Proposal checklist (donor required or self-developed)
  • Packaging/online submission hints
  • Post-submission activities
  • Award management

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  1. Liyan Shuhaiber

    The interactive discussion and practical application of learning material were excellent. The trainer was a proficient expert in his field.

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