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The question asked by most executives and managers is whether or not training can be an investment. If it is, what will the return on that investment be? Most employees today are privileged enough to receive training support. Contemporary businesses offer training and development programs, as they are proven to be a powerful tool for tangible performance enhancements. It is, however, necessary that the training provided is effective to gain the best possible results.

This extensive Course will help leaders harness the power of their human resources effectively and efficiently to reach their organization’s goals, by offering modern training techniques. Skills gained in this program will make sure that trainees meet the competitive demands of modern HRM.


This Course will provide you with:

  • Proper HRM tools
  • The value and benefits of offering training and development programs
  • Needs assessment perspectives for effective training
  • The tools to manage and organize training professionally
  • Positive change and performance improvement techniques for training programs
  • The tools to develop your HRM department/skills and the benefits thereof

Who Should Attend

As people are at the center of any business, effective training is vital to any company’s success. Professionals from all industries can gain from understanding and practicing effective training techniques. These include HR, Frontline and Middle managers, Consultants and even HR specialists. Anyone wishing to increase their knowledge in this area is welcome to join, including consultants and freelancers.


Day One

  • Workforce planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Human resources change management strategies

Day Two

  • Training and Development
  • Training Needs Assessment as baseline for Impact Assessments
  • Training Matrix and Plans
  • Training costing and budgeting

Day Three

  • Organizing efficient training programs
  • Training as a performance improvement approach
  • The enabling environment for change management

Day Four

  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Ergonomics: Safe Facilities in the Workplace
  • Post – training evaluation
  • Behavioral and 360 appraisals

Day Five

  • Measuring the impact of training
  • HR Scorecards for training
  • Retaining Employees