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Many challenging and unforeseen factors affect businesses today. With companies facing these variables, disputes and conflicts are certain to emerge. Managers need to have competency when dealing with disagreements, including skills for conflict resolution and arbitration.

This thorough Course provides proven principles for interacting with and managing a variety of people and situations, including disputes. Leaders will be shown how to handle issues effectively before they become major disputes and conflicts.


This Course will provide you with:

  • The skills to lead winning negotiations
  • Enterprise design principles to avoid disputes
  • The ability to pinpoint and address issues that may lead to disputes
  • Modern arbitration and dispute settlement techniques in business
  • The ability to understand your rights
  • The skills to design and carry out deals that are win-win
  • Dispute techniques to make sure your side is heard
  • Tools for critical negotiation to minimize your loss

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for every manager. The content is not technical for lawyers or law students, but it is the best choice for managers and even legal advisors who are up for alternative dispute resolutions. Contract managers, corporate legal advisors, corporate senior executives and senior project directors need this knowledge to be able to contribute in dispute resolutions. Practical advice will also be given on how to interact with legal arbitrators at opportune times. This program requires no previous training in the field and offers professionals of all levels the skills to arbitrate and negotiate competently.


Day One

  • What is dispute resolution (DR)? What are its purposes
  • Difference between Negotiation and arbitration
  • DR under relevant Laws
  • Basics of negotiation
  • Basic elements of successful negotiation

Day Two

  • Approaches to Negotiation
  • Emotions in negotiations
  • Introduction to Mediation
  • Mediation skills
  • Advanced mediation skills

Day Three

  • Introduction to Restorative Justice
  • Restorative Justice under the relevant law
  • Major influences on the process choice
  • Differences in thinking and decision-making process.
  • Managing your arbitrator

Day Four

  • Disputes with arbitrator
  • Avoid disputes in venture design
  • Major errors that ventures can lead to disputes
  • Win-win mindset
  • Handling difficult people


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