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Recruitment skills are valuable whether you are a general leader in your field, a business owner, Recruitment officer or in Human Resources Management.

Employing the right person is essential in today’s competitive market, especially concerning legal implications of the employer-employee contract. This Course will give you the skills to confidently interview and employ competent personnel. It will enable you to reduce your staff turn over to a minimum level.


This Course will provide you with:

  • The ability to employ the right person for a position, confidently
  • The relevance of employing the right person
  • The most effective and up-to-date tools used in Recruitment today
  • The skills to plan and prepare for an interview properly
  • An understanding of the best way to present your company in an interview
  • Modern psychometric parameters to measure applicant performance and interaction
  • The skills to focus on the main intention of the interview
  • The ability to derive adequate outcomes from each interview

Who Should Attend

Leaders from all fields will find this Course engaging and highly valuable. This includes Recruitment officers, business owners and HR managers. The responsibility falls on the leader to recruit the best person for the position within the organization. This Course will provide you with the best practices on Modern Recruitment.


Day One

  • Pre-Test: Take it for free here
  • The true cost of recruitment
  • Strategic recruitment essentials
  • Minimizing the risk of churn
  • Job design and clarity of role
  • Criteria for shortlisting and clear expectations from responses
  • Methods to complete an effective job analysis
  • Re-defining the recruitment and selection process

Day Two

  • Methods of recruitment – head-hunters, recruitment agencies, the media and internal applications
  • Wide range exposure for vacancy announcement, using the internet and social networking
  • Best practice on using the internet in the recruitment process
  • Using job descriptions and person specifications
  • effective interviewing
  • Selecting an appropriate interview time and venue

Day Three

  • Style of interview – one-to-one, board, panel, who should attend etc.
  • Prior testing and information gathering from applicants
  • Equally treatment of applicants
  • The importance of employment legislation in successful interviewing
  • The art of questioning
  • Communicating to understand

Day Four

  • The right use of behavior assessment psychometrics (DiSC Classic Profiles) for interviewing the right candidate
  • Selecting the right candidate
  • Post-hiring orientation and support (on-boarding)
  • Succession planning as a tool for internal recruitments
  • Post-test Click here to take it (members only)

4 reviews for Advanced Recruitment Skills

  1. Sabrina Malakova

    I could not expect more. Thanks a lot.

  2. Anushik Ohanyan

    I would like to thank the Accordemy team for organizing the training. Special and great thanks to Dr. Abed for conducting the training and his professional approach and answers to all my questions. Will Recommend my colleagues to participate as well.

  3. Noor

    I got many new ideas to implement updated recruitment strategies. All was very well for us.

  4. Kousar Khan

    I came to know many new information and knowledge and it will help me a lot. Keep the good work going!

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