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Health services need to keep good written records of the care given to patients or clients.All consultations with patients must be documented in the form of hand-written notes, diagrams or body charts and, if appropriate, photography. All aspects of consultation should be documented for reference of patient as well as of doctors

This course will make sure that any medical staff has the necessary skills to write professionally; increasing their performance in the healthcare industry.


This Course will provide you with:

  • All training programs can be offered for an individual as well as for group.
  • The course can be customized to meet the specific needs of trainees.
  • All courses are offered in languages other than English, too. Participant can contact us as per their requirements.
  • Participants will get a visit to health facilities for practical exposure.

Who Should Attend

Writing skills have become vital for most members of society in our digital age. Freelancers, students, medical staff, owners (large and small) who need excellent communication skills to enhance their careers and maintain a high level of performance can attend this course.


Day One

  • Introduction
  • Familiarization of writing skills
  • Concept of report writing
  • Concept of report writing skills

Day Two

  • Presentation
  • Hands on training
  • Understanding to basics techniques
  • Checklist preparation

Day Three

  • Understanding writing process
  • Define and understand terminology
  • Maintain objectivity
  • Discussion with writing expertise

Day Four

  • Identify findings for writing
  • Understand opinions in writing
  • Familiarization with writing evidence
  • Understand writing structure

Day Five

  • Identify topic for writing
  • Prepare thesis
  • Thesis discussion
  • Q and A Session


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