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This course will shed some light on the guidelines of healthcare in emergencies. They are formulated to serve as a reference manual for the evaluation and management in emergencies. Also it can serve as the basis for the training of health care workers.This course will focus on care provided during the persistent stage of an emergency.


This Course will provide you with:

  • This course will focus to ensure quality of care through monitoring and quality assurance.
  • This course aims to highlight the importance of care in long-standing medical case.
  • This course ensures that planning must be in advance for persistent emergency.
  • This course will outline the cure for common diseases for immediate action.
  • It will Involve the local community as much as possible. It is dependent on the category of emergency but the local community can be involved in observation.
  • Management guidance in case of medical emergencies.
  • Familiar with the process of Diagnose, prevention and treatment using flow charts.
  • Highlights of constraints encountered by management in emergency.
  • Primary healthcare approach in humanitarian emergency.

Who Should Attend

This course is meant for you if you are doctor in training, medical student, nurse, healthcare professional in any medical space.

The program also invites the managers in medical area who want to learn the basics and concepts of dealing the medical emergencies.


Day One

  • Introduction
  • Define Humanitarian Emergencies
  • Define priorities and response
  • Define management process

Day Two

  • Define health programming for emergency
  • Discuss components for emergency phase
  • Create disease control plan
  • Discuss risks involved in complex emergencies

Day Three

  • Discuss Risk Mitigation strategies
  • Define Management approach for emergency
  • Public health problem analysis
  • Analysis report for further action

Day Four

  • Essential components of management
  • Problem analysis
  • Describe solution to problems
  • Link medical and management report

Day Five

  • Implement the case on real case scenario
  • Describe the management group
  • Create a project case report
  • Q and A Session


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