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Freight forwarding includes planning and executing shipments by all modes of transport. Equivalently, understanding routes, rates, and carriers, making arrangements for shipments, monitoring shipments, and managing transportation documentation are important.


This Course will provide you with:

  • Acquire specific action plans to further develop their role and organizational benefit
  • Apprehend international logistics / freight procedures & documentation
  • Recognize and develop effective resources planning
  • Improve optimized work processes and financial areas including cost management and reduction

Who Should Attend

  • Persons who are new to the international transportation, trade, logistics and supply chain industries and need to acquire new skills and knowledge to become more employable
  • Those who are currently working in the international transportation, trade, logistics and supply chain industries, but wish to upgrade their skills and knowledge to advance their career


Day One

  • Definitions of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Optimizing Warehouse Operation Flow
  • Warehouse Management
    • Role in the Supply Chain
    • Equipment Selection
    • Layout Option
  • The Theory of Constraints

Day Two

  • The Supply Chain Management and Transportation Implications
  • Terminologies in Transportation
  • The Transportation Process for Freight Movement
  • Transport Documentation
  • Carrier Characteristics and Services
  • Selecting the Type of Mode or Intermodal System

Day Three

  • Managing the Export and Import Function
  • Using Tools for Export
  • Customs
  • Understanding Export Customers’ Requirements
  • Consideration of Lead Time in Imports
  • Understanding Containerization

Day Four

  • Documentary Credits and Its Implication on the Freight Terms
  • Identify and Recognize Transportation Management Key Decisions
  • Show How the Management of Air and Maritime Transport is Critical
  • Show and Illustrate the International Commercial Terms in Transportation and the Implications

Day Five

  • Consequences
  • Outcomes
  • Analyzing the Key Drivers of Risk


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