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The modern manager is facing increasing pressure in the workplace. The demands placed on managers by both superiors and subordinates mean that they have increased workloads and need a broader spectrum of skills. Many managers do not apply methods of time management properly due to ignorance or a lack of competence in this soft skill. Some managers cast more importance on hard skills, such as knowledge and technical ability, because they believe that:

  • Time management is not as valuable as having technical skills
  • Time management is planning one day’s worth of work
  • A great manager should be able to remember everything
  • Managers need more time to complete their work
  • Managers must how to manage their own work, obviously

This Course offers managers the principles needed to improve their time management skills and work efficiently. These skills will greatly improve work performance and aid a successful future in management.


This Course will provide you with:

  • Obstacles to time management and the ability to develop strategies to decrease them
  • Time management techniques applied to task planning
  • The ability to set up time management strategies for meetings, phone calls, business writing and general workplace duties

Who Should Attend

Any person wishing to improve their time management skills will greatly benefit from taking this Course. Managers, directors and CEOs alike will profit from completing this comprehensive training. Business owners, junior, frontline supervisors, and even freelancers are invited to gain from this ‘research-based’ program.


Day One

  • Introduction to the workshop
  • What is time Management and Leadership
  • Time stealers
  • Process of time management

Day Two

  • Paper Management
  • Meeting management
  • Phone Management

Day Three

  • Desk management
  • Planning a project
  • Concluding remarks, action planning and wrap-up
  • Time Management Pre-Training Assessment

1 review for Effective Time Management

  1. Thomas Jefferson

    I am very happy to be here. Friendly people and interesting discussions. The lifetime access to training material is another plus point.

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