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Advancements in technology have created the opportunity for businesses to have a global reach. Whether it to generate new leads or nurture existing business relationships, competent communication has become an imperative skill for any business leader in this modern age.

This comprehensive, ‘research-based’ Course will make sure that any leader has the tools necessary to write professionally; increasing their international performance in the business arena.


This Course will provide you with:

  • A refresher of the basic rules of writing
  • An approach to Modern writing and formatting principles
  • The tools needed to practice persuasive writing in business
  • The skills to write coherently and engagingly. Hook your readers to the end
  • The 7 ‘C’s’ in business writing
  • The ‘You’ approach
  • The ability to use proper tone in your writing
  • The best ways to include visual elements in comprehensive writing

Who Should Attend

Business writing skills have become vital for most members of society in our digital age. CEOs, business owners (large and small), managers and even freelancers need excellent communication skills to further their careers and maintain a high level of performance.


Day One

  • Pre-test – Try it for free here
  • Communication challenges in business
  • Grammatical errors that we always make
  • Review of business writing principles

Day Two

  • The 7 C’s in writing
  • Types of writing and tone in writing
  • The “YOU” approach in practice
  • Delivering a “BAD NEWS”
  • Indirect communication

Day Three

  • Paramedics writing (Practice to concise writing)
  • The killing jargons
  • Common types of documents used in business
  • The writing skills of a CEO

Day Four

  • Making to the point sentences
  • Practice on paragraph writing
  • Letters and Memos
  • How about emails, SMSs and social media?

Day Five

  • Writing reports
  • Practice on report writing
  • Winning proposals
  • Practice on Proposal writing


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