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Fundraising strategies of relief and development organizations need to be professional and effective for them to have the greatest impact on communities and ensure the organization’s survival. These strategies include donor participation and promoting non-profit activities to bring forth greater resources.

This extensive Course offers the skills needed by development employees and managers to effectively conduct fundraising programs, ensuring that the implementation and results thereof are maximized for community development.


This Course will provide you with:

  • The missions and visions of NPOs
  • An understanding of the team of people needed for fundraising and their relevant roles
  • Skills to focus on the impact of your efforts
  • Principles for functional fundraising
  • The ability to conduct successful online fundraising programs
  • An understanding of NPO fundraising and sustainable revenue processes
  • The tools needed to connect donors with recipients

Who Should Attend

Members working for relief and development organizations, especially NPOs, will find the fundraising skills and understanding gained in this training Course indispensable. These members include team leaders, NGO directors, CEOs, enterprise owners, as well as, consultants and freelancers.


Day One

  • Pre-test Click here to take the test – free of cost
  • Review the Learning Objectives
  • Shape yourself for fundraising (Vision, Mission Statement and Values)
  • Presentation Skills for Fundraising
  • Involving stakeholders
  • Fundraising SMART Objectives

Day Two

  • Four common types of fundraising
  • Online fundraising
  • Why should people support you?
  • Solicitation and implementing donor funded projects
  • Charity activities that can generate revenue

Day Three

  • Communicating with your donor
  • The concept of spending “People’s Money”
  • Measure your impact
  • Connecting donors to beneficiaries
  • Visibility and public relation

Day Four

2 reviews for Fundraising for Non-profit Organizations

  1. Mipon

    This is highly pleasant and useful course. I am grateful to the team.

  2. Suzanne Nicholson

    It is a mandatory skill for NGO managers and board members. All was good here, thanks to Accord team.

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