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Project design needs to take place before procurements are undertaken. Limited or ambiguous project details can be disadvantageous for both parties, and it is therefore essential that the nature of the business is discussed from the beginning. This includes the delivery of services and goods on the vendor’s end, as well as, the monitoring and evaluation thereof on the client’s end.

This ‘research-based’ Course offers proven techniques for managers in tendering departments. The program includes information on how to develop and manage procurement strategies, as well as the principles of tendering effectively. It will be a benefit to any leader wishing to improve their understanding in this field.


This Course will provide you with:

  • The skills to develop successful bids
  • The ability to structure procurement documents
  • The knowledge of legal structures dealing with procurements
  • Selection and award principles and methods
  • An understanding of KPIs and the necessity and effect thereof
  • Skills to construct contractual terms and conditions
  • The fundamentals of project cost estimation
  • The connection of costs and milestones
  • Principles for bidders’ conferences and pre-proposal meetings
  • Receipt management principles for offers
  • Skills to negotiate post tender
  • Contemporary laws set out for tendering processes
  • The skills to develop continuous learning tendencies for performance enhancement

Who Should Attend

Suited to any person who would like to increase their procurement skills and understanding for personal or business growth, including planning, creation, implementation, receipt and evaluation of tenders. This Course will be beneficial for procurement and non-procurement professionals alike.


Day One

  • Critical Supply Strategies
  • Work Analysis – what to ask the vendor for?
  • Stages in Tendering Process
  • Elements of a good Procurement & Competitive Bidding Process
  • Selecting the Right Contracting Strategy

Day Two

  • Developing Tender Evaluation Criteria
  • Negotiating with Short-listed Suppliers
  • How do you know you obtained a Good Price?
  • Transforming the Supplier Relationship
  • Defining the Organization’s Mission in building Supplier Relationship

Day Three

  • How to be a Good Customer
  • The Difference between SRM and Collaboration
  • Shrinking the Supply Base
  • The Negotiation Process
  • Avoiding Confrontational Negotiations

Day Four

  • Communication Techniques
  • New Techniques in Influencing
  • Understanding the Other Negotiator’s Power
  • Negotiating Pressure Points and Countermeasures
  • Attract and Retain Procurement Management Talent

Day Five

  • Producing a Realistic Personal Action Plan for Improvement
  • Business Continuity and Contingency Planning for Procurement
  • What is Activity-Based Costing
  • Ways that Procurement can Improve Organization’s Finances

2 reviews for Tendering Processes

  1. Robert Miller

    Interesting and informative.

  2. James Johnson

    I work in procurement and manage tenders. I got many new ideas here and recommend this training. My only concern was small number of trainees in the program that I attended.

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