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Many leaders have great intentions to do something good or expand their current operations in non-profit but have no idea how. Strategic planning tools can aid these leaders to realize and implement the visions that they have.

This comprehensive Course addresses the needs of NGO members, executives, managers and employees in the development field to plan their next projects. Strategic planning principles are imparted to aid leaders in their efforts to run successful projects and fundraisers.


This Course will provide you with:

  • In-depth studies including SWOT analysis of all strategic planning components
  • An understanding of which team members should be involved in the strategic planning process
  • An understanding of which individuals can support your efforts and how they can do so
  • Fundraising strategies that are functional
  • Tools to carry out and monitor strategic plans
  • The tools needed to connect donors with recipients

Who Should Attend

People working in development or non-profit organizations will find the strategic planning skills and understanding gained in this Course highly valuable. These include managers, team leaders, NGO employees, CEOs, business owners, and can include consultants and freelancers.


Day One

  • What is an organization?
  • Why strategic planning
  • Vision of a non-profit organization
  • Mission Statement
  • Define yourself

Day Two

  • SOWT analysis and its comparison with other analysis tools
  • Practical work on SOWT analysis
  • How SOWT can help you set strategies and goals
  • Proper statement for goal, objective, strategy and indicator

Day Three

  • Types of strategies and their use
  • Strategy statement
  • Strategic planning tools

Day Four

  • Setting your strategic goals
  • Strategic objectives
  • Competitive and functional strategies
  • How should a strategic planning document look like

Day Five

  • Strategic action planning exercise
  • How should an action plan be for implementation of strategic plan
  • Monitoring strategic management
  • Using results for motivation of your team



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