Communication makes the mindset of your target audience about your brand. Corporate communication is a high priority for fortune companies. Communication is beyond assigning a PR team. It involves managers at all levels of the organization. Having the right skills enables them to be their own brand ambassadors and increase their organization’s influence. Almost any business in the modern world needs social media marketing strategies to compete with competitors. This includes maximizing the use of channels such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and many others.

This course offers proven principles for leaders and individuals to carry out effective strategies for increasing their online presence, in a competent way.


This Course will provide you with:

  • Why a corporation needs to communicate and whom to communicate with
  • Integrated PR methods and the tools needed to carry them out competently
  • Communication Needs Analysis
  • Defining target audience
  • Advanced skills for interviewing
  • Tools to make the most of online PR opportunities
  • Skills for electronic media management
  • Tools to maximize the strength of your organization’s media presence
  • The ability to understand lobbying campaign regulations
  • The ability to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of using direct email

Who Should Attend

Corporate communication and PR methods are prevalent in the business arena today. This training course is beneficial to any person in our modern, digital world looking to improve their online presence. This includes CEOs, executives, senior managers, protocol officers, embassy staff, PR and media managers. Freelancers, event planners, government representatives, private consultants and any person wishing to gain knowledge in this field are welcome to gain from attending this program.


Day One

  • Why corporations need to communicate
  • Identifying your target audience
  • Communications Needs Assessment
  • Developing a communication strategy
  • What does the media want to get from you
  • How to integrate PR with the marketing mix
  • Using Internet PR and viral marketing effectively
  • Identify the kind of issues that could hit you


Day Two

  • Develop a PR plan
  • Advanced interview techniques that work
  • Communicating with your body
  • Successful one-to-one press interviews
  • Formulate key messages
  • Controlling emotional responses
  • Delivering attractive speech
  • Make News portals and Web news services work for you


Day Three

  • Develop PR strategies
  • Ensure your side of the story is heard
  • Handling the Press – the golden rules
  • Press releases that work
  • Write effective press releases
  • Using pictures effectively

Day Four

  • Sourcing PR information
  • Using Radio and Television
  • Web Marketing and PR
  • Cultural diversities on body language
  • Delivering a “BAD NEWS”
  • Handle media inquiries


Day Five

  • Advanced crisis management & reputation management
  • Brief spokespeople prior to media interviews
  • Choosing and using a PR agency
  • Communication Monitoring
  • Perception Survey
  • Measure results to set new benchmarks


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