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One of the foundations for strong and effective management is the ability to ‘control’. Many approaches and tools exist to aid managers in coordinating and controlling their teams, including monitoring and reporting techniques. These enable leaders to complete projects at a high standard and on time.

This Course responds to the needs of leaders to manage teams adequately and productively. Fundamental skills, such as control and monitoring techniques, are taught in this practical ‘research-based’ program.


This Course will provide you with:

  • An understanding of the importance for managers to monitor teams and projects
  • The main monitoring principles
  • An understanding of what monitoring does not encompass
  • Monitoring tools that are practical and relevant according to your needs
  • Result analysis of monitoring
  • The importance of continuous learning and quality development

Who Should Attend

Monitoring, Reporting and Control skills are beneficial to employees and employers from any industry. This includes managers, team representatives, NGO workers, consultants, freelancers, business owners and CEOs. Any person wanting to enhance their skills in effective project management is invited to join.


Day One

  • Introduction to control function of management
  • How monitoring help project manager to meet milestones
  • Importance of Monitoring
  • What monitoring does not give us

Day Two

  • Planning for monitoring
  • Participatory Monitoring Frameworks
  • Logical Framework Matrix and its content
  • Project Goal and Objectives

Day Three

  • Indicators, Source/Means of Verification
  • Assumptions
  • Practical Work on Project Scenarios
  • Monitoring for various types of projects

Day Four

  • Monitoring Plans
  • Developing Monitoring Plan
  • Mainstreaming Monitoring Plans with Project Plans
  • Implementing Monitoring Plans
  • Monitor the Monitoring Plans

Day Five

  • Data Management
  • Data Collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Communicating Results
  • Utilization of Results in Project Planning
  • Continuous quality improvement using monitoring


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