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Whether it to generate new leads or nurture existing business relationships, written communication is an imperative skill for any competent business leader today. A crucial part of this communication is having the ability to write transparent, concise, focused and compelling content. In order to grab their target audiences’ attention and convince them to follow their vision, leaders need to be equipped with skills in business writing for their emails, reports, proposals and other business documents.

This comprehensive and practical Course will allow leaders to develop impressive, powerful and professional business writing skills.


This Course will provide you with:

  • A refresher of the basic rules of writing
  • An approach to Modern writing and formatting principles
  • The ability to compose formative, descriptive business reports
  • The skills to write coherently and engagingly. Hook your readers to the end
  • The 7 ‘C’s’ in business writing
  • The ‘You’ approach
  • The ability to use proper tone in your writing
  • The best ways to include visual elements in comprehensive writing

Who Should Attend

Business writing skills have become imperative for most people in our digital world. CEOs, business owners (large and small), managers and even freelancers need excellent communication skills to further their careers and support a high level of achievement.


Day One

  • Difference between reports and other business communications
  • Principles of business writing
  • Grammatical errors that we always make
  • Review of common writing principles
  • Formal writing ethics

Day Two

  • The 7 C’s in writing
  • Tone in writing
  • The “YOU” approach in practice

Day Three

  • Paragraph writing
  • Paramedics writing (Practice to concise writing)
  • Common types of reports used in business
  • Planning for Report writing
  • Organizational Strategies for Information Reports

Day Four

  • Give me a reason to read
  • Planning Analytical Reports
  • Organizational strategies for analytical reports
  • Drafting report content
  • What to put first and why

Day Five

  • Report Introduction and body
  • Revising your reports
  • Using technology to craft reports
  • Producing your reports
  • Placing Graphics in the Report


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