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Technological advancements have created fantastic opportunities for companies, suppliers and consumers, the world over, to do business online. This creates a competitive market and the freedom to source quality, cost-effective products and services. There can, however, be an inverse effect of frustration caused by inadequate communication techniques and incorrect management systems.

This Course offers ‘research-based’ tools for managers in logistic departments to manage and develop E-procurement strategies. This program also includes principles of tendering effectively and will be a great aid to any manager wishing to improve their performance in this field.


This Course will provide you with:

  • The tools to conduct needs assessments
  • The difference between online and offline procurements
  • The skills to develop successful e-bids
  • The knowledge of legal structures dealing with online procurements
  • An understanding of the E-Tendering process including award of contract
  • E-Vendor management tools for monitoring and assessment
  • The skills to develop continuous learning tendencies for performance enhancement

Who Should Attend

Suited to anyone looking to improve their tendering skills for personal or business growth, including planning, creation, implementation, receipt and evaluation of tenders. This Course is ideal for procurement and non-procurement professionals, as well as, any person wishing to increase their knowledge in this area.


Day One

  • Critical Supply Strategies
  • Key principles of e-procurement
  • Important steps in developing an e-Procurement system
  • What preparation works are needed for developing an e-Procurement system
  • Initiation of a Request for Goods/Services/Works

Day Two

  • e-Procurement business models
  • Components of an e-Procurement system
  • e-Procurement processes & workflows
  • Supplier e-registration systems
  • Developing e-purchase requisitions and approvals system

Day Three

  • Developing e-quotation preparations system
  • Developing e-quotation evaluation system
  • Developing e-purchase order system
  • Developing e-tendering system
  • Negotiating with Short-listed Suppliers

Day Four

  • e-Procurement hardware and software
  • Communication Techniques
  • Transforming the Supplier Relationship
  • e-Procurement user administration
  • e-Procurement security

1 review for E-Procurement Management

  1. Kyler Smith

    The training was a very helpful . Thanks to the team.

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