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Dealing with groups of people will always be an element of social development within communities. No matter the purpose of involvement, the approach will always necessitate the community to be organized as a group. The process in which a consensus among the members is formed is vital to the success of that forum.

This Course will aid leaders and workers in community development programs to effectively approach and manage the formation of forums to make sure the overall project is a success.


This Course will provide you with:

  • An understanding of key development principles
  • Community forum and CBO definitions and examples
  • The difference between community forums types and their relative traits
  • The skills to deal with challenges that may arise in order for the forum to work successfully
  • Keys to forum feasibility, maintenance and longevity
  • An understanding of Volunteer and Common Interest principles within community projects
  • Tools needed to get adequate support needed for a forum to perform public duties as a CBO
  • Urban community development notions

Who Should Attend

All members involved in community projects or development programs will gain real knowledge by taking this Course. NGO and NPO management, CEOs, business owners and project manager all stand to improve their existing skills to make sure their projects within communities are a success.


Day One

  • Introduction to community development principles
  • What is a community forum
  • Who should have a stake
  • Why communities need representation by a forum
  • The global village and my village

Day Two

  • Types of community forums
  • Community mobilization for establishing a forum
  • Define Common problems and common interest
  • Community leadership, roles and responsibilities

Day Three

  • Leadership election and forum establishment
  • Registration with authorities and operational mechanisms
  • Training community leadership
  • Training and awareness at community in general

Day Four

  • Participatory Appraisals and planning
  • Executive role of community forums
  • Managing community forums to stick on its mandate
  • Development of development plans
  • Fundraising for community development

Day Five

  • Conflict management at community level
  • Gender and minority inclusion
  • Project management and community based procurement
  • Participatory monitoring
  • Grand scale contribution

    Fees for this Training Course include the following:

    • Tuition Costs
    • Certificate
    • Study materials
    • Meals (Lunch and refreshments)
    • A social program (after the training)


    Not covered in the Fee:

    • Visas, travel costs and insurance
    • Accommodation
    • Personal expenses
    • Other meals


    Discounts may apply for groups, In-house training or destinations other than specified in the program. Please contact us with your requirements and we will provide you with a quote.


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