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Coaching and Counseling have been introduced into most organizations today as a key practice. While most managerial staff have great intentions to support and strengthen their team members, in terms of their performance and capabilities, many lack the right tools and principles needed to attain this objective.

Skills provided in this comprehensive Course will enable leaders from all industries to adequately coach and counsel their staff, in order to benefit the company’s overall success.


This Course will provide you with:

  • The significant role of each member forming a team
  • The value of supervision as a principle in coaching and counseling
  • The tools needed to include Performance standards and professional guidelines
  • Tools to develop practical, applicable measures for staff progress and coaching
  • Principles of talent management
  • Enriching, challenging and empowering conventions to use in the workplace
  • The skills to introduce and maintain continual learning and quality improvement programs

Who Should Attend

Principles in this Course will be most beneficial to leaders such as HRM managers, project managers, officers and business owners. Individuals working within teams will also greatly profit from these skills, especially those looking to gain expertise for future career advancement.


Day One

  • Introduction to control function of management
  • Teams and team development
  • Supervision and its difference from other control mechanisms
  • Importance of supervision
  • Steps in supportive supervision
  • Vision building and identification of key contributors
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses of your team members
  • Strategic talent management and team development

Day Two

  • Job enrichment as a capacity building tool
  • Developing Goal and Objectives
  • Designing tools for supervision and coaching
  • Communication skills for mentorship, coaching and supervision
  • Constructive Feedback use in supervision
  • Supervision of different types of people
  • Supervision of contractors and freelancers
  • Active listening and its importance in coaching

Day Three

  • The cause and effect approach for fact finding
  • Do not fix something that is not broken
  • The level of autonomy for supervises
  • The art of delegation
  • Relating performance to goals
  • Emotional Intelligence and team development
  • Working with difficult people
  • Continuous quality improvement using monitoring


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