Super Shovels Inc. needs a new space for their entire company, which includes administrative staff, the sales and marketing team, and production facilities. They are a small, privately owned company that manufactures light construction equipment. They have been in business for about 15 years, and most of the staff has been with the company since the beginning.

The company structure looks like this:

The CEO, Sam Spade, has appointed you (the Accounting Manager) as the project manager for this venture. Your project team will include:

  • Warehouse Manager
  • Shipping Manager
  • Accountant
  • One administrative assistant
  • External consultant

Read Following Questions And Submit Your Answers (number as per the questions) In Comment

  1. Who are the stakeholders in this project?
  2. What might this project’s goal look like?
  3. List some requirements for this project.
  4. List some deliverables for this project.

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