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Overt, shared visions are the common denominator among successful teams and organizations. Initially driven by one or two people, the vision needs to be adopted by leaders and transmitted to their team members. Without this vision, teams may experience weakened work performance and discord among its members.

This Course will offer leaders the skills needed to use their company’s vision to manage their teams and ensure that all undertakings are a success.


This Course will provide you with:

  • The reason that vision is necessary
  • Practical vision setting principles
  • Factors that will influence your vision
  • Tools to successfully integrate personal and corporate visions
  • Potential and known obstacles when facing change
  • The tools to be a motivational leader
  • Results monitoring and evaluation methods


Day One

  • What is a vision
  • How big is big enough in practice
  • Read your subconscious to discover the actual vision you have
  • What determines an achievable vision

Day Two

  • Values and its importance on setting vision
  • Making team consensus on visions
  • Shared values ensure shared vision
  • Communicating your vision
  • Living your vision

Day Three

  • Managing resistance to change
  • Monitor the progress
  • Be prepared for possible crisis
  • Developing commitment
  • Feedback and active listening

1 review for Vision Building

  1. Jonathon

    This course is highly recommended. We found it as an eye opener. The lifetime support is a topnup to further discuss amd learn.

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