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Accordemy® offers a trainer development program that helps trainers achieve excellence in training. Phase 1 of this program is titled “Essential Training of Trainers,” which conveys the message that it is a must-do for every humanitarian, government, and corporate trainer. This phase is the right choice for both newcomers to the training field and experienced trainers looking to advance their skills.

The ability to effectively transfer knowledge and skills is a great tool to build the capacity of organizational teams. This course empowers future trainers with the expertise to plan, prepare, and deliver compelling training programs. This course bridges the gap between understanding the subject matter and effectively teaching it to others, making it an essential investment for those committed to fostering learning and development in their organizations or as independent professionals. The skills imparted in this qualification will assist trainers in effectively maximizing the outcomes of their training courses. This step includes a comprehensive exam, after which, upon successful completion, participants will receive the accreditation of Accordemy® Certified Trainer Level 1 (ACT™ Level 1). Participants will only have one chance to take the exam, and if they do not achieve the passing mark (85%), they will only receive a certificate of participation in the course, NOT the certificate of CCT Level 1. The exam is online and can be taken from anywhere.


This course will provide you with:

  • An understanding of why teams need training
  • A deep understanding of adult learning principles and how to apply them.
  • Understanding the need for training
  • Developing Learning objectives
  • Lesson planning skills, including design and implementation thereof
  • Handling coordination with different stakeholders of a training program
  • Effective training methods
  • The ability to implement course activities and presentations competently
  • Skill training techniques to conduct quizzes and assessments
  • Course logistics, time management, and administrative documentation methodologies
  • Confidence to handle diverse learning environments and overcome common training challenges.
  • Skills to evaluate the competency of attendees and take proper actions

Who Should Attend

Professionals from any field can gain valuable knowledge from the effective training techniques imparted in this extensive course. These include HR, frontline and middle managers, consultants, and even HR specialists. Particularly, this program benefits:

  • Aspiring trainers looking to kickstart their training careers.
  • Experienced trainers aiming to enhance their instructional skills.
  • HR professionals who are responsible for employee development.
  • Managers and team leaders who conduct internal training.
  • Educators and teachers seeking to refine their training methodologies.


Day One

  • Essentials of Effective Training
  • Components of learning
  • Principles of adult learning
  • The trainer’s role
  • Creating an inclusive learning environment


Day Two

  • The ACCORDEMY training model
  • Performing a needs analysis
    • The ASK model
  • Coordinating the training objectives, participants’ profiles, etc. with relevant stakeholders
    • Writing SMART learning objectives
    • Outlining the program in a lesson plan
    • Researching and writing the program
  • Customizing and arrangement of training material


Day Three

  • Organizing training logistics and setting up
  • Delivery of training courses
    • Common training methodologies
    • Facilitation vs training
    • Giving and receiving feedback
    • Dealing with the difficult participants
    • Motivation and creating positive attitudes toward learning


Day Four

  • Evaluating training outcome and effectiveness
  • Post training activities
  • Maintaining quality and performance standards
  • Yield improvement in training programs


Day Five

  • Capstone Project: design and delivery of a mini-training session
  • Exam mock test

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