Development programs need to offer enough support and assistance to their target rural communities. Even though educational, health and infrastructure programs are essential, it is rural enterprise development that is considered the main channel for development. Helping locals sell their products and services will enrich the entire community.

This ‘research-based’ training Course addresses the planning and management needs of development projects in rural communities. Managers, leaders and development workers will gain essential knowledge of effectively managing enterprise development projects.


This Course will provide you with:

  • Rural context definitions
  • The spatial characteristics of villages
  • Key principles for rural-based enterprise development
  • SWOT analysis for rural enterprises
  • Methods of rural market linkage
  • Business management and teaching principles for rural development
  • Potential issues in rural enterprise development including cross-cutting

Who Should Attend

All members involved in community projects or enterprise development programs will gain substantial knowledge by taking this Course. NGO and NPO management, CEOs, business owners and project managers all stand to improve their existing skills to make their projects a success and aid the development of rural enterprises.


Day One

  • Rural economy contribution to national economy
  • Business cycle and its application in rural enterprises
  • Small enterprise management
  • Networking issues and team approach in rural concept

Day Two

  • Common types of businesses in rural context
  • Business inception support strategies
  • Marketing management for rural enterprise
  • Financial management for rural enterprise
  • Supply chain and customer care for rural enterprise

Day Three

  • The role of microfinance institutions in rural enterprise development
  • Asset management in rural enterprise
  • HRM for rural enterprises
  • Practical Work on cases and scenarios

Day Four

  • Linking rural markets to regional markets and further
  • Applying standards of quality at a rural context
  • Supply chain and value chain management
  • Practical group exercise

Day Five

  • Business vision building for rural communities
  • Conflict resolution
  • Resource management
  • Community forum management


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