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Whether it is to compile project proposals, develop new business relationships or nurture existing ones, competent written communication is a vital skill for any leader in relief and development organizations. A crucial part of this is having the skills to write overt, concise, focused and compelling content. In order to grab their target audience’s attention and persuade them to follow their vision, leaders need to be equipped with business writing skills for emails, reports, proposals, and other business documents.

Effective report writing is a crucial skill for leaders in relief and development organizations, as it is often necessary to compile detailed and concise reports to communicate project updates, results, and recommendations to stakeholders. To succeed in this field, leaders must be equipped with the skills to write clear, focused, and compelling reports that meet the needs of their target audience.

Our practical training course is specifically designed to help leaders develop impressive report-writing skills. The course covers essential topics such as structuring reports, selecting the right tone and style, presenting data effectively, and crafting compelling recommendations. Participants will learn how to analyze and organize complex information, identify key findings, and communicate them in a concise and impactful way.

This practical training Course will help leaders develop impressive and professional business report writing skills.


This course will provide you with:

  • The ability to identify the data needed for report writing
  • The tools to improve personal report writing techniques
  • The 7 ‘C’s’ in business writing
  • Correct reporting approaches for various scenarios
  • The best ways to include visual elements in report writing
  • Content management for report writing coherence
  • Increased clarity and precision in written communication
  • Improved ability to write compelling proposals that win support
  • Enhanced understanding of the principles of effective content management
  • More effective use of visual aids and data to support written content
  • Greater confidence and ease in writing for various scenarios and audiences

Who Should Attend

This Course addresses business writing skills that are crucial for relief and development leaders to have today. It focuses on the unique needs of this sector, such as building and maintaining relationships with donors and beneficiaries and securing funding for programs.

CEOs, NGO managers, project managers, and freelancers who work with non-profit and humanitarian organizations will benefit from this training. By honing their business writing skills, participants will be better prepared to achieve their organization’s goals and make a meaningful impact in the communities they serve.


Day One

  • Why Reports
  • Types of Reports
  • Planning for Report writing
  • Gathering Information
  • Preparing a work plan for the report(Group/Individual Activity)
  • Planning Informative Reports
  • Organizational Strategies for Information Reports

Day Two

  • Planning Analytical Reports
  • Organizational strategies for analytical reports
  • Drafting report content
  • Report Introduction and body
  • Using technology to craft reports
  • Placing Graphics in the Report
  • Constructing textual graphics

Day Three

  • Some general types of Short Reports
  • The direct and indirect approach to writing
  • The 7 C’s in writing
  • The “YOU” approach in practice
  • The art of proofreading
  • Packaging ethics for reports
  • Post submission follow up


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