Senior leaders are expected to have professional communication skills. This communication includes body language, word choice, response, reasoning skills and writing capabilities. Every manner in which leaders conduct themselves has an impact; either creating a positive or negative impression. With the rise of online media and social networking, an increased demand has been placed on the manager to have adequate PR communication skills.

This Course will aid executives and senior managers to excel in business communication. Practical strategies and skills are taught in this program and are suited to any person wanting to increase their communication skills, especially for career advancement.


This Course will provide you with:

  • The difference be tween refined and crude behavior
  • Attitude principles to use with the right person at the best time
  • Skills to create positive impressions
  • The ability to interact with celebrities using the correct etiquette and protocols
  • Tools to plan and conduct visits, meetings, ceremonies and special events for V.I.Ps
  • Techniques of attending social gatherings as an aristocrat
  • Principles and etiquette for precedence, titles and forms of address
  • Table manners that are considered decent
  • Event Planning processes and protocols

Who Should Attend

This training Course is valuable for any person in a leadership position looking to improve their PR skills and etiquette. Marketing and PR managers, or any people, who have to deal with media or attend high-end social gatherings will profit from attending this comprehensive program.


Day One

  • Overview of global business etiquette
  • Understanding Cultural Dimensions and Frameworks (e.g., Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions)
  • Key elements of business protocol: greetings, introductions, and attire
  • Presenting Key words, Apology, Accepting compliments

Day Two

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication techniques
  • Communicating with your body
  • Effective listening and questioning strategies
  • Overcoming Language Barriers in International Business


Day Three

  • Cultural diversities in body language
  • Developing Cultural Empathy and Emotional Intelligence
  • The Business Meal, Table Manners in different cultures
  • Planning and conducting international business meetings
  • Managing multicultural teams and virtual meetings, Hosting and attending international business events
  • Ceremonies, Special events

Day Four

  • Techniques for establishing trust and rapport, Networking strategies in a global context
  • Strategies for Successful Cross-Cultural Negotiations
  • Ethical Considerations in International Negotiations


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