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Fundamental procedures in modern development industries include project planning and proposal writing. Conducted effectively, these procedures enable development and relief organizations to reach their goals successfully. It is only through proficient communication that leaders are able to convey their organizations’ intentions and help other parties to understand their developmental objectives.

This comprehensive, ‘research-based’ Course will make sure that any leader has the tools necessary to write proposals professionally; increasing their chances of relief and development success.


This course will provide you with:

  • The basic rules of writing
  • Problem Tree principles – identify and deal with the needs and problems in social development projects
  • The tools to actively involve stakeholders
  • Objective Tree principles – set SMART goals
  • The definition and practical use of LFA (Logical Framework Analysis)
  • The contribution of PCM in goal-setting

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for NGO directors, board members, business development managers, freelancer consultants working in humanitarian and relief projects. It can also help NGO project managers to understand the concept of proposal writing and contribute to the business development of their organizations.


Day One

  • Proposal Writing Pre-Test
  • Proposal Writing Terminologies
  • Definition of a problem/need in relief and development
  • The problem tree
  • Cause and Effect – Detecting the root cause
  • The Objective Tree

Day Two

  • Using LFA for project planning
  • Logical Framework Matrix and its content
  • Project Goal, SMART Objectives and activities

Day Three

  • Indicators, Source/Means of Verification
  • Assumptions
  • Cost estimation and Pre-conditions for a project

Day Four

  • Review of business writing principles
  • The “YOU” approach in practice
  • The 7 C’s in writing
  • Tone in writing

Day Five

  • Components of a proposal
  • What to put first and why?
  • How long should your proposal be?
  • Winning proposals

1 review for Writing Winning Proposals for Relief and Development Projects

  1. Watban Lahmood

    This workshop was held in Iraq – Erbil for NGOs and UN staff members, the content of the workshop was sufficient and educational. its highly recommended for those who have limited knowledge in writing proposals.

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