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One of the keys to strong and effective management is the capability of ‘controlling’. Many tools and techniques exist to help managers coordinate and control their teams, including monitoring, reporting and risk management techniques. These enable leaders to effectively complete high-quality projects on time.

This Course addresses the need for leaders to manage teams adequately and productively. Fundamental techniques, including effective risk management, are taught in this practical ‘research-based’ program.


This Course will provide you with:

  • The main principles of risk management
  • Approaches to risk management planning
  • The ability to exercise adequate planning methods for risk management across small and large projects
  • The skills to identify and document risks effectively
  • Qualitative risk analysis tools
  • Quantitative risk analysis tools
  • Response strategies for risk analysis outcomes
  • The ability to adequately communicate risks to project stakeholders
  • An understanding of the need for continuous learning and quality improvement

Who Should Attend

This Course is designed for leaders in project management or any person new to the field of risk management. Project managers, program managers and any professional who is part of the risk identification and response process is welcome to gain from this valuable, informative program.


Day One

  • Introduction to control function of management
  • Important Risk Terminology
  • Risk Management Process
  • Risk Management Stakeholders
  • Establishing a Risk Management Culture
  • Risk Management Planning
  • Stakeholder Risk Tolerance

Day Two

  • Probability and Impact Scales
  • The Risk Register
  • Risk Identification Tools & Techniques
  • Writing Risk Statements
  • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
  • Probability and Impact
  • Risk Probability and Impact Assessment

Day Three

  • Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Decision Analysis and Support
  • Analyzing Cost and Schedule Risk
  • Project Cost Estimates Using PERT
  • Project Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis Using PERT
  • Risk Response Strategies

Day Four

  • Documentation Updates
  • Risk Monitoring Tools
  • Risk Status Reports
  • Importance of Monitoring
  • Participatory Monitoring Frameworks

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  1. Brian Anderson

    I am a Project Manager for women and social development and this course provides me the best strategies to identify and mitigate risks.

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