A change has been made in the way senior leaders manage their public appearance. With the increase in organizations using the online world for business, senior-level managers need to have strong, positive online presences. If they have the right skills, this enables them to be their own brand ambassadors and increase their organization’s influence. Almost any business in the modern world needs social media marketing strategies to compete with competitors. This includes using YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and many other forms of social media.

This Course dealing with PR and online media offers skills to leaders and individuals to implement effective strategies for increasing their online presence.


This Course will provide you with:

  • Strategies to create and carry out integrated PR methods
  • Advanced skills for interviewing
  • The ability to effectively use online PR opportunities
  • Skills for electronic media management
  • Tools to maximize the strength of your organization’s media presence
  • The ability to understand lobbying campaign regulations
  • The ability to analyse the advantages and disadvantages of using direct email

Who Should Attend

Online communication and marketing techniques are increasingly used in business today. This training Course is beneficial to any person in our modern, digital world looking to improve their online presence, including CEOs, senior managers, freelancers and PR and media managers alike.


Day One

  • Senior manager communication challenges
  • What does the media want to get from you
  • How to integrate PR with the marketing mix
  • Using Internet PR and viral marketing effectively
  • Identify the kind of issues that could hit you
  • Advanced interview techniques that work
  • Communicating with your body
  • Successful one-to-one press interviews
  • Formulate key messages

Day Two

  • Controlling emotional responses
  • Delivering attractive speech
  • Make News portals and Web news services work for you
  • Review of common writing principles
  • Ensure your side of the story is heard
  • Handling the Press – the golden rules
  • Press releases that work
  • Using pictures effectivel
  • Sourcing PR information

Day Three

  • Using Radio and Television
  • Web Marketing and PR
  • Cultural diversities on body language
  • Delivering a “BAD NEWS”
  • Advanced crisis management & reputation management
  • Handling a PR Crisis
  • Choosing and using a PR agency


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