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Competency-based Health education  describe the concept of ‘competence’ and ‘competencies’ as well as the critical curricular implications that derive from a focus on ‘competence’ rather than ‘time’. These implications include: defining educational outcomes, developing individualized learning pathways & setting standards.


This Course will provide you with:

  • Careful consideration of the competencies desired in the health professional .
  • Elaborate the challenges of current health care system.
  • Developing self-regulated and flexible learning options
  • Understanding measurable performance metrics
  • Assessing learners for competence
  • Participants will learn to identify and prioritize health problem in local community.
  • An understanding to become successful leader in healthcare.
  • Make your understanding clear in future challenges and opportunities in healthcare.
  • Build network with healthcare leaders across all specialties and career stages.
  • In this course we will discuss and share solutions to improve healthcare provision in your workplace.
  • Understand the needs of doctors and healthcare leaders across all sectors.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for you if you are an ambitious and looking forward to take your knowledge next level. If you want to become the member of community then this is the program for you!

This course is useful for health professional fields, including medicine, nursing, midwifery, and public health.


Day One

  • Introduction
  • Understanding patient teaching process
  • Understanding competencies in health industry

Day Two

  • Understanding of core competency model
  • Health system transition
  • Understand master competency model
  • Understand cultural competency system

Day Three

  • Understanding competencies for emergency
  • Relation of cultural and emergency competencies
  • Responsive evaluation of competencies
  • Competency review

Day Four

  • Responsive evaluation of competencies
  • Understanding of responsive approach
  • Applying competencies on public
  • Public response on competencies

Day Five

  • Creating a real case scenario
  • Creating training program
  • Implementing the scenario
  • Q and A Session


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