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During this time of accelerated growth in the international workplace, companies have recognized the urgent need to empower and develop the future generation of leaders. Resources have been made available for the internal development of staff, including recently employed, as well as, existing staff to heighten the company’s potential for success. SMEs have proven that leadership should be a common practice within the organization and not restricted to executive suites and boardrooms.

This workshop on ‘Leadership for HR Professionals’ is aimed at helping managers recognize their leadership styles, hone their current skills and master new techniques in modern HRM. Improve your career advancement chances by using the skills taught in this program as a firm basis for further studies in this fast-growing field.


This Course will provide you with:

  • The skills to lead a victorious team, department or business
  • The ability to empower your team to carry out their goals
  • The ability to identify relevant leadership styles for your business
  • Tools to take on new responsibilities in leadership by gaining self-awareness and confidence
  • An understanding of different leadership attitudes and how they affect others
  • Teamwork, motivation and decision-making principles and the ability to handle challenges in the work environment
  • Outdoor exercises to help develop your problem-solving skills
  • Self-improvement techniques to advance personal and career growth
  • Effective and contemporary recruitment tools
  • The value of non-monetary incentives and how to boost their effectiveness
  • Networking skills to interact with other HR professionals

Who Should Attend

Leaders from all areas of business, including non-HRM staff, are welcome to attend this comprehensive training Course. All levels of management, executives, CEOs, business owners, consultants and freelancers alike will gain skills to communicate and lead effectively in any situation. Specialists in benefits and compensation who are responsible for payment or recruitment are also invited to gain an understanding of this fast-growing field.


Day One

  • The human factor in management
  • Influencing people
  • Motivation and leadership
  • The new HR competencies
  • A leadership mind shift in the organization
  • Assessing and aligning effective HR systems
  • Attracting, Developing, and Retaining Top Talent
  • Team equality and diversity

Day Two

  • Human resources change management strategies
  • Tools for change management
  • Managing employee expectations and motivation
  • Payment strategies and the psychological appreciation
  • Relating performance and competency to rewards
  • Creating a powerful employee value proposition
  • Managing performance improvement
  • Talent management

Day Three

  • Growing your network and your influence
  • Behavioral and 360 appraisals
  • How do I increase my impact and effectiveness
  • Dealing with the cultural challenges of change
  • Managing promotions and regular employee engagement
  • Employee involvement in strategic management
  • Labor unions and professional associations
  • Training as a benefit

Day Four

  • Maximizing impression of benefits
  • Difference between good and great organizations
  • Global Good practices
  • Shaping employment laws as leadership tools
  • Employees as a Business Partner
  • What’s the S.W.O.T and how it helps you set HR strategies
  • Setting personal priorities for impact

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  1. Elizabeth Graham

    Could not ask for a better trainer and experience. It was awesome in all aspects. Thanks a lot to Accordemy team.

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