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Inventory Management is analytical for the effective management of procurement and the supply chain to enable the efficient delivery of superior customer service.

An inventory control is often overlooked and is not thought to be an important activity. Therefore, incorrect levels of inventory can be held with attendant knock on effects to costs, availability and customer service.


This Course will provide you with:

  • Learn the principles of Inventory Management
  • Gain added value for money
  • Comprehend and implement the essential tools for managing warehouses and inventory in the supply chain
  • Assess current procedures
  • Inspect operations and activities
  • Make needed changes to methods to improve customer service whilst achieving reductions in inventory
  • Remove wasteful costs
  • Evade those internal problems that limit performance
  • Examine the key areas of operations
  • Distinguish and Understand key performance indicators
  • Prosper in improving operations
  • Increase personal productivity

Who Should Attend

  • It will also help those who need to develop their limited understanding about Warehouse and Inventory management
  • It will be especially helpful to all those who are looking to make business gains and benefits and to any owners, operators and directors of companies with warehouse and stores operations and who hold stock and inventor


Day One

  • Why we need a warehouse?
  • What functions they cover?
  • How do they fit into the supply chain?
  • The Balance between Sorting and Storing
  • The Location and Capacity of Warehouses

Day Two

  • Supply / Demand Variables
  • ABC Analysis or the 80/20 Rule
  • Determining Product Handling Groups
  • Throughputs and Product Formats

Day Three

  • Receiving Options
  • Storage Options
  • Picking / Assembly Options
  • Dispatching Options
  • Using the Floor and the Height Space
  • Organizing for Flow

Day Four

  • Loading Bays
  • Selecting Fork Lift Trucks
  • Selecting Racking
  • Implications for Warehouse Layouts
  • Operational Timings and Planning
  • The Use of IT within the Warehouse

Day Five

  • Duty of Care
  • Inspections and Risk Assessments-task Analysis
  • Equipment Maintenance and Care
  • Raising People’s Awareness


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