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Since decisions made in the corporate arena are pivotal to a company’s success, and usually quite elaborate, in-depth research is vital. All decisions should be backed by proven principles and extensive analysis of the research conducted. Managers need to be armed with the skills to make and carry out important decisions that are appropriate and beneficial, as well as, establish consensus among their stakeholders.

This ‘research-based’ Course addresses the need of leaders to make vital decisions within their company.


This Course will provide you with:

  • The ability to manage decision-making systems within your company
  • Elements that affect the decision-making process and the origin thereof
  • The skills to identify and rank other options in decision-making techniques
  • The skills to adequately identify and manage risks, including costs, benefits and impact
  • Strategic scenario structure and planning tools
  • The ability to set up agreements with main stakeholders

Who Should Attend

This problem-solving Course is orientated towards SME managers and leaders who have to make key decisions and solve problems daily. Forecasting potential problems, managing daily operations within teams and making successful decisions are a few of the techniques imparted in this comprehensive program.


Day One

  • What is a good corporate decision
  • Challenges in making a decision.
  • Decisions are all that matters.
  • Decisions at different levels of management

Day Two

  • Situation analysis to realize need for a decision
  • Cause and effect models and rout cause identification
  • Selecting alternatives
  • Prioritization techniques
  • Tools to evaluate alternative solutions

Day Three

  • Stakeholder engagement and management
  • Planning the conversation, building agreements, and creating a stakeholder communication plan.
  • Building strategic agreements.
  • Dealing with hidden agendas.
  • Implementing difficult decisions.

1 review for Decision Making Skills for Leaders

  1. Robert Smith

    I lead a team of five colleagues. I found a lot of ideas that can help me. Definitely recommend if you are in any sort of leadership role.

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